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Net Solar company was formed in August 2020 by a team of entrepreneurs, solar technologists, EPC developer partners and solar design specialists to provide state of the art, high quality, cost effective solar residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial solutions as well as small & medium sized solar power plants on lump-sum turnkey basis in Pakistan. We also offer solar plants O&M services with environment friendly practices and energy efficiency applications. We are an EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) company as well as O&M (Operation and Maintenance) company providing full scope of services on ground mounted solar power plants and rooftop installations. Net solar is committed to provide affordable solar solutions with ROI of 3 years by deploying best quality tier-one solar panels, best in class solar inverters, top branded batteries, solar pump drives, aluminum mounting structure etc. for residential, commercial, agricultural, community, government, industrial, institutional and Not-for-profit customers.