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Frequently Asked Questions.
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Is Net Metering facility available in Pakistan?
Yes, Net Metering facility is available in all major cities of Pakistan.
How Net Metering Works in Pakistan?
Simply, it is a process of selling extra electricity generated by Solar Powered System at day time to grid and getting those sold units back at night from grid. Thus, one can achieve 0 electricity bill.
Who can get Net Metering facility?
Any resident of Pakistan having Solar Powered System installed from 5kw to 999kw can get Net Metering facility.
Which meter is required for getting Net Metering?
Three-Phase Meter is required for getting Net Metering. If you don’t have it, then simply apply for it at WAPDA and show its demand notice to us. Further processing will be done by us.
How to apply for Net Metering in Pakistan?
Collect following documents and submit it to Net Solar Pvt. Ltd. by-hand/courier: a. Copy of your CNIC b. Copy of your Electricity Bill c. Demand Notice of Three Phase Meter (In case you have no three phase meter) Further processing of the application and installation of Net Metering.
How much time does procedure of Net Metering takes?
It takes around 20-30 days to complete the whole procedure of Net Metering.
Where to contact Net Solar?
You may visit us between working hours at: 10am to 6pm